Thursday, July 28, 2016

Friendly Fox

Much to my delight, we've had several fox visitors in our yard this summer. This particular fellow has been the friendliest so far. He lets me follow him around with my camera  in exchange for bowls of crunchy cat food. 

We leave a bowl of food and water out by the garden to entice them to visit. The kids will be  jumping on the trampoline and when they spot a fox, they come running into the house to tell me. 
"Mom! The foxes are back!" I immediately drop what I'm doing, grab my camera and dart outside. 

Our cats don't seem to be too concerned with the foxes. Sometimes weird noises wake me in the night and when I peek out my bedroom window I'll see one of my cats sitting in the driveway and one or two foxes sitting opposite on the road. Looks like they're having a little meeting of sorts. Discussing territorial boundaries probably. 

I feel fortunate to have this gorgeous creature trust me enough to get so close to him.

For the longest time, I've only ever caught quick glimpses of the foxes as they run past my yard or dart out into the field across the street. 

Now, they hang out in my garden and come to say hello every day. 

Monday, March 7, 2016

Sunday Drive

The days are getting longer and I'm starting to feel more energetic and less like hibernating. It's so nice to finally wake up to the sun after such a long, dark winter. 

I can't wait to start my mornings by drinking my coffee outside in the sun. 

Sunday afternoons are perfect for little drives in the country. I grabbed my camera and my boyfriend Forrest chauffeured me around for a couple of hours. He does the driving and I do the directing. It works out well! :)

I spotted a farm with this pretty horse in the yard. We pulled over  and I start getting my camera ready. While I'm doing that, Forrest has already jumped out of the car and is making his way through the ditch towards the fenced in yard. He grabs a handful of grass and the horse happily munches on it. 

While he's busy giving the horse belly scratches and handfuls of grass, I'm snapping as many pictures as I can of this pretty horse.  
Next time I'll have to be sure to bring along a bag of apples and carrots.

Birds gathered on an old antennae.

We pass this clump of trees on the way out to Last Mountain Lake every summer. They each seem to have their own personality. I feel that they're quite a comical bunch. 

 This is one of my favorite red barns. I have pictures of it from last summer when things were much greener :)

On our way back home, I spotted a snowy owl sitting on a fence post. He stared at me momentarily before flying away. Since childhood, owls have always reminded me of the movie Labyrinth and my mild obsession with David Bowie ;) 

I can't wait for our next Sunday drive :)