Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Flip Flops

One of my favorite moments of spring is when I get to put away my boots and bring out the flip flops. I love my flip flops so much I even wear them around the house. During the winter I am barefoot all the time which is not so good for the feet. They get dry and cracked and just plain nasty. I have an arsenal of various foot files that resemble torture devices - but they work! Not to mention the numerous creams and scrubs and soaks and sloughing lotions...it's a full time job trying to keep my feet looking presentable. But it's oh so worth it when the reward is slipping my feet into a pair of wonderful flip flops.

Another favorite moment is watching the kids run wild outside. They've been trapped in the house all winter with a mother who has cabin fever just as badly as they do. And the bonus to all this fresh air is that they go to bed without a fight and they sleep right through the night. I never thought I'd see the day where all three are sleeping through the night. It's absolutely amazing! On the downside, I can no longer blame them for the stupid things I do due to sleep deprivation. Oh well...:)

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