Sunday, April 12, 2009

New Blog Design

After much cursing and swearing, I finally downloaded a template for a 3 column blog rather than do the html myself. Ugh. I always manage to find the hardest way to do things! Anyway, it looks much better now. I can fill it with all sorts of eye candy and wishlists and other junk. I'll be tweaking it over the next few days so please bear with me.

Speaking of candy, there was much to be had today after the Easter Bunny visited. The kids had consumed enormous amounts of chocolate before I was able to make coffee or get out the camera. I managed to snap a picture of my little man biting the ear off his chocolate bunny. Other than that, the only other picture taken this morning was the one of my butt that my 3 year old snapped. Not gonna show that one though. Although I have to say that since doing yoga, my butt has become more photogenic. Still..not going to show it. :)

I'll leave you with a picture I took last night from my livingroom window. The view is much better since the snow has all melted. It will be even prettier once all the birds return and everything is green again. The sunsets never fail to disappoint me.

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