Sunday, April 19, 2009

Productive Sunday

Today was a pretty productive day for me! I managed to make a ton of new pendants and even got a few listed in my Etsy shop already.
The kids are all tucked into bed now and I'm pondering what to do next. Make more pendants or put a movie on and relax?? I received a sharp blow to the head when a rather chunky sippy cup rolled off the couch and bonked me so it's probably best I take it easy don't you think? ;) While I ponder that, check out these new pendants. I made them using the gorgeous designs of Piddix, a fellow seller on Etsy.

Here are few more I've made using the lovely designs of JellyBeanLab, another fellow Etsian:

All of my pendants qualify for my ongoing Buy 2 Get 1 Free offer. I also offer 10 pendants for $40 as well as wholesale pricing on larger orders. Contact me for further details.

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