Thursday, May 21, 2009

Crazy Day with the Terrible Two's

Today has been a crazy day - which is completely normal actually. I've had toy cars driven around on my boobs, my bum bitten unexpectedly (that hurts ALOT) and my nipple tweaked painfully. My 2 year old boy is quite the handful! This is where I found him the other day when I realized it was just a little too quiet:

In addition to hiding in dryers, he likes to sneak into the bathroom and flush the toilet repeatedly. He'll also unravel the toilet paper if I don't happen to notice his absence right away. He loves to crawl up into my daughter's bunkbed where he stays just out of my reach and then giggles as I try to coerce him towards me.

While that's all going on, my other 2 daughters are usually beating the crap out of each other over a Barbie shoe and letting out screams that only dogs can hear. Add to that the neverending cleaning that needs to be done and the mountains of laundry I can't quite seem to tackle and you have a half crazy mother. I'm learning to embrace the craziness though and I'm comforted by the stash of chocolate I have as well as the beer and spiced rum..and vodka in the fridge. You can never be too prepared!

Also, I am VERY thankful for the frequent phone calls from my mother just checking to see if I'm alright (or if I've killed anybody yet). Hi Mom! I love you! I'm still alive here and I've duct taped the children to the walls as per your suggestion. It works really well!

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