Monday, June 8, 2009


The weekend was mostly cold and rainy, but the clouds disappeared for awhile on Sunday evening so I grabbed the kids and took them out for some fresh air. We'd been stuck inside all day and I was about ready to scream. It was wonderfully cool out and the air was thick and sweet with the smell of lilacs. Everywhere I looked there were dandelions that had gone to seed. That kept the kids busy for awhile - and me as well. I love taking pictures of dandelions. :)

We did some swinging, sliding and threw rocks into the lake. On the way home, there was a little bit of whining, some fighting and a temper tantrum or two. This is how I know my plan to tire them out had succeeded. The grumpier, the better!

My 2 year old desperately wanted the camera in the pictures above. His expressions demonstrate exactly how I feel these days.

I was thinking about how great it would be to act like a 2 year old again. If someone cut infront of me in line at the grocery store, I could just pinch them! Or maybe the craft store is out of those giant boxes of clay I always buy - I'd just throw myself on the floor and have a tantrum. I could scream and maybe pee my pants too. Suppose I'm at a restaurant and the food sucks. I would simply toss my plate onto the floor - but not before smearing mashed potatoes into my hair and on the wall. Then I would stand up on my chair and swing from the pendant light hanging above the table. That would be so awesome! Life would be so much more interesting wouldn't it?

This last picture was taken while I was pulling the kids in the wagon down the paved pathway. How amazing is it that there is life sprouting and pushing right through the pavement? Made me stop and realize something - no matter how difficult life seems at times, you just gotta just keep pushing and eventually you'll get through.

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