Sunday, July 5, 2009

My weekend in a nutshell...

Life really doesn't get much better than eating a sprinkle donut while still in your pajamas -especially when you're 33 and the donut comes with coffee! I get the pleasure of eating the donuts that have had all the sprinkles licked off. Yummy!

A trip to the grocery store is much more exciting when you get to 'drive' one of these cool shopping carts and beep the little horns. I love the fact that all the other 'normal' shoppers get the hell out of my way when they see this beast coming around the corner!

Just hanging with the girls on a hot Saturday afternoon. Mine is the one sticking her tongue out. I taught her well. :)

And....this is what happens when you're four and get a hold of mom's hairspray. The other two kids received identical hairstyles too of course. I was laughing too hard and forgot to take pictures. Sorry.

I managed to get through a 15 hour day with minimal coffee, no naps and no weeping in the bathroom while running water full blast so no one hears me. (Women also do that to muffle the sounds of peeing. So really, you never know if we're peeing or crying. Sometimes it's both.) I hope it doesn't all catch up with me tomorrow. Mondays have a tendency to be a little wild sometimes. Nothing I can't handle though. Good night! I leave you with a pendant I made makes me smile because I know it's wonderfully true. :)

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