Saturday, August 8, 2009

Shop Talk

I have so many polymer clay pendants just hanging around my house and I have no idea what to do with them anymore. They gotta go! So, since I don't have any outdoor markets to go to this summer, I've decided to sell them in bunches of 10 - for cheap!
Head over to my Artfire shop to have a peek.

Also, I've got a ton of new earrings coming! I've listed a few in my shop already, but there will be more - alot more. They're made from maple wood discs and scrapbooking rub ons. I could sit and make these for hours.

There just isn't enough caffeine or time in a day for me to make all of the things I want to make. The wee ones keep me busy every minute of the day I'm finding. After laundry, preparing meals and cleaning up, I'm pretty much running my ass off. And wow, you wouldn't believe how dirty things look from a toddlers perspective - or while laying on the bathroom floor sobbing. Dirty fingerprints everywhere! I could spend a day just cleaning baseboards. Or I could hire someone...or make the kids do it. ;)

Alright, better end this now. I'm in a sassy mood and things might get ugly.

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