Sunday, September 27, 2009

I'm BACK Baby!

Thanks to various people, who shall remain anonymous, my Etsy shop is now back up and running! You know who you are and that without your help I would still be floundering. Thank you SO much!

I had two sales the first day I was back open and that really fueled my fire and got me all excited again. I'm very much enjoying the whole process of creating, listing items, packing orders up and sending them out into the world. It feels amazing.

I spent the whole weekend just puttering away at pendant making and sipping coffee while the kids played happily. The piles of laundry are patiently awaiting my arrival...

I've got some new pendant designs listed in my shop by the amazing artist Jenn Ski. I've been collaborating with Jenn for almost a year now. I have my eye on quite a few of her prints which have a retro & modern feel - like Grandma's house with a modern twist.

In addition to new Jenn Ski designs, I've also got lot's of other new pendant designs in my shop. I'll be adding quite a few new soldered glass pendants, fabric wristlet key fobs and pocket mirrors. It's obvious I have craft attention deficit disorder. It could be worse though right? I could be naked and drunk all the time, hoarding piles of junk and obsessively washing my hands. So yeah...I'm not too worried really.

Ooh...and check out my mouthy housewife magnets. I have more where those came from. I don't just make mouthy housewife magnets, I AM a mouthy housewife - and damn proud of it. Considering the shit I put up with, people should be lucky I don't own a taser gun. I'm just kidding of course. Or am I?

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