Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Last Days of Summer

We took the kids to my parent's lovely little house in the country this past weekend. It felt like it might be the last opportunity to do so before life got really crazy. I'm SO glad we went. The 90 minute drive sure went a lot faster than our trip to Winnipeg earlier this summer! It was also really nice that nobody puked.

Everytime we've driven out there, I had always noticed a rusty old truck parked out in a field just off the highway. 'Stop the car, I have to take pictures!' I shouted. I navigated carefully through barbed wire and cow patties & was attacked by mosquitoes but the photos I got were worth it. I'm happy with how they turned out.

Upon arrival at the folks place, Grandpa presented the kids with a garter snake he'd caught while mowing the lawn.

The kids did lot's of swimming & splashing.

Seamus got dunked and was a little upset...

But he quickly recovered and picked chokecherries with Grandpa, chased the dog around for awhile and ran and ran and jumped..

The evening came to a close with a marshmallow roast. I forgot how yummy those were! It reminded me of being a kid again.

Some day I want to have a cozy little house in the country. It's just so quiet and peaceful. Seems like there's nothing to worry about when you're nestled amongst the trees sipping coffee. Even Seamus would have to agree with me and he's only two! A wise little soul he is.

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