Sunday, November 8, 2009

A lovely weekend...

I had a nice, calm weekend which is exactly what I needed. I escaped the house on Friday night, hit the craft store and Starbucks. Their new Caramel Brule Frappuccinos are to die for I have to say! I also hung out with the kiddies, got most of the laundry done, squeezed in a lovely Sunday afternoon nap and worked on my Etsy shop. The only thing missing was a half naked man attending to my every whim and desire. Maybe next weekend...?

I'd say I'm about 99% adjusted to this daycare thing. I still have to figure out how to deal with several kids all wanting my attention at the same time though. It's like being a famous movie star and having the paparazzi swarming me. Instead of having cameras shoved in my face, it's sippy cups. They cling to my legs, threatening to pull me over, pawing at my face with their sticky little hands. They are little eating and pooping machines. I never stop moving all day - not once. I'm mentally and physically exhausted, completely buzzed on caffeine and half starved to death by 5pm. It's wonderful.

I really try my hardest to keep the day fun and exciting for the kids. I don't think a dull moment could exist even if I tried! I must be doing something right though because the kids are excited to come over in the mornings and they don't want to leave when their parents come to get them in the evening. They even draw me cute little pictures:

That's me on the right - the short, nerdy one with glasses. ;)

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