Monday, November 2, 2009


I've been such a zombie lately and haven't really had the time or energy to write anything. I'm still adjusting to watching several kids all day - the hardest job I've ever had! I used to think my days were crazy with 3 kids. Now I often have up to 8 at a time. My days are just a blur of diaper changing, preparing meals, breaking up brawls, reruns of Dora the Explorer, crafts & eating pretend food. I know it doesn't sounds that difficult, but believe me - it is! It's not for the feint of heart.

After all the rugrats have left for the day, I still have to make supper for my family, tidy up, and do the whole bedtime routine. And then after that I usually have Etsy orders to work on. Maybe I push myself harder than I need to, but I hate the feeling of going to bed knowing I have things left unfinished.

When I do finally go to bed I end up having a lot of very strange and vivid dreams. Some are pleasant, while others are disturbing and jolt me awake and then stick with me all night.

Last night I had a dream that I was standing in the middle of a road at night and suddenly headlights were upon me. Just as I was about to be hit, I woke up. It was very upsetting and I had trouble getting back to sleep. I was just about road kill!

Just for fun, I did a search for dream interpretation and came upon the Dream Moods dictionary. It told me something I already knew of course:

To dream that you are almost hit by a car suggests that your lifestyle, beliefs or goals may be in conflict with another's. It may also be symbolic of a jolting experience or injured pride.

I've had a lot of jolting experiences this past year, my pride has indeed been injured and there has been a lot of conflict. But hey, that's life right?

So in an attempt to alleviate my stress, I'm going to have a luxurious bubble bath tonight. Afterwards I'm going to indulge in a slice of chocolate brownie cheesecake and lounge around. It will be an official night off for me - kind of. I have some Etsy orders to pack up first. ;)

It's time to go tuck in those kids now. They drive me nuts all day but then I miss them as soon as they go to bed. *sigh*

This is my take on life right now:

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