Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Much mucher

The days are just flying by since I moved out here! So much settling to do when you move into a new house and a new town. I always forget just how much work moving is. I'm very thankful for enormous amounts of coffee and constantly moving kids to keep me hopping. :)

My oldest just attended her first day at her new school. The bus stops right in front of our house to pick her up. How nice is that?! One less thing for me to worry about. She used to walk alone to and from school which always made me nervous. I've watched too many Oprah shows where child molesters pick up innocent kids mere steps away from their own homes. You just never know right? Yeah, I know...probably highly unlikely, but I'm a mom and we're supposed to worry about stuff like that.

I've got internet & phone all hooked up out here so far, but no television yet. I can't say I really even miss it. It's just one more distraction I don't need. The kids have found other ways to entertain themselves.

Catie decided to read ALL the books at once:

Seamus loves to sneak off to the bathroom, play in the sink and flush the toilet several times:

There's been a lot of napping going on too. All this fresh air and playing outside wipes the kids out better than any shot of whiskey could ever hope to do.

I'm really happy out here. I've reclaimed my muchness.

Well, it's after midnight, the caffeine is finally wearing off and my eyes feel like they're filled with sand. Off to bed I go. I'm going to strap on my camera, pop the kids in the wagon and see if I can find some stuff to take pictures of tomorrow - other than old people and pickup trucks. There's a lot of that around here....:)

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