Tuesday, April 6, 2010

So many times over the past few days I've sat down to write a blog entry and I just ended up deleting it in frustration. There's SO much to say and I don't even know where to start. Maybe I'm afraid of saying too much or that it won't come out right. It seems like a good idea to just lay low for awhile maybe. People keep asking me if I'm 'okay'. What does that even MEAN? I think I'm okay...I have coffee, chocolate and some pink bubbly wine in the fridge just in case. What else is there?

I've been a single mama for exactly one month now. Time sure flies when you're crazy ;) I've kept really busy with the day to day tasks that are required of me - laundry, cooking & cleaning and chasing after 3 kids. I always breathe a sigh of relief once everyone is all tucked safely into bed. Sometimes I'm lucky enough to have the energy to stay up for another hour and enjoy the silence, but usually I end up falling into bed completely exhausted. This crisp, fresh country air is better than chugging Nyquil. I sleep like the dead and so do the children. In 30 days they have not woken up once during the night. That is incredibly amazing!

My wonderful friend Cristina, who also happens to be a professional painter, has been here several times putting in many hours painting. What a difference freshly painted walls & new curtains make! I will soon post pictures of the awesome work she's done. Here's an idea of what most rooms have looked like this past month:

I've been working hard getting my Etsy shop up and running. I'm amazed and so very grateful for the wonderful sales I've had this past month. Oh and the best thing about living in a small town - no lineups at the post office!! There are no lineups anywhere in fact. It's wonderful. :) Keep your eye out on my shop for some new summer designs:

The kids are having a blast playing in our ridiculously huge fenced in yard. You could really bury a lot of bodies back there if you ever needed to. They have a tire swing and a playhouse and tons of room to run wild. I'm thinking they need a trampoline this summer. I'd be on it more than they would be I'm sure. Do they make special bras for that I wonder? Boobs flying everywhere....!

Have I mentioned my children's obsession with baths? Yep, they're all the rage right now it seems. Bathwater is quite tasty too...

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