Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy Tuesday! It's going to be another lovely day today I'm sure - especially considering it would appear I've left the turmoil of pms behind. I had the most amazing sleep last night! I kept my window wide open and fell asleep with a cool breeze blowing over me and the soothing sound of frogs croaking.

Living out here in this quiet little town is so good for the soul. It really feels like I'm on vacation every single day. The house itself feels like a cozy little cabin tucked away in the woods somewhere. It just doesn't compare to living in the sterile suburbs with all the cookie cutter houses and lack of greenery. People are friendlier out here too. Everybody waves at everybody when they pass by, people say hello to you at the grocery store. There's actual EYE CONTACT! So many little things can make such a big difference in life.

I have a haircut scheduled for this morning which I desperately need. My split ends have split ends! Piles of laundry await me as per usual, but I think sitting out on the veranda with a good book and a cold Dr. Pepper will take priority over any major housework today ;)

I'm going to continue to sip my latte and enjoy the last few moments of quiet before the kids wake up. Who knows what little moments of insanity await me today. Yesterday was filled with quite a few of those moments so maybe today will be calmer. I can always hope can't I?

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