Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I had a lovely evening last night with a couple of wonderful friends. Drinking wine wasn't the best idea however. I woke up dizzy, nauseous and headachy. I really didn't drink all that much. Only one bottle of wine was shared between the 3 of us. Oh and I had a couple of beers too. I think I must be getting too old and can't handle any amount of alcohol anymore. I should maybe just stick to sweet coffee drinks with lot's of whipped cream. :)

I'm feeling so completely exhausted today. If I look behind me, all I see are stacks of dirty dishes waiting to be washed. The piles of laundry have become so out of hand that I just shoved it all back into the dryer so I wouldn't have to look at it anymore. Problem solved...temporarily anyway.

There are kids bouncing all over the house, requiring assistance every 30 seconds, interrupting my already scattered train of thought. I've started a million tasks but haven't come close to finishing any of them. I find the best thing to do when I'm feeling pulled in all directions is to simply do nothing at all. Or just eat some chocolate. ;)

I fantasize about flopping onto my bed and taking the longest nap ever. That would be heavenly. Instead, I'm chugging a vanilla coffee Rockstar with high hopes that I will be blessed with a boost of energy that will carry me through the rest of the evening. I have Etsy orders to make, emails to answer, forms to be filled out....and on and on.

I'm reminding myself not to stress over any of it but to just go with the flow. It will get done when it gets done. This idea in my head that my house needs to be tidy all the time just makes no sense at all. I have three children - the house will NEVER be perfectly clean. No wonder I constantly fail to complete that task! It's impossible. Futile you could say.

I did get one major task accomplished today..although it involved a lot of struggling and screaming..on my 3 year old's behalf. ;) A new haircut!

Here's hoping I can make it til at least 10pm tonight.

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