Friday, May 21, 2010

Whoa..I just about forgot to blog today! I was going for 5 days in a row. Looks like I made it! ;)

So right now my brain is total mush, my uterus feels like its trying to leave my body, my back aches and I forget what my name is, but I think I can squeak out something before I fall into bed drooling on my pillow.

Perhaps I shall talk about this (fairly obvious) idea I had about combining my obsession for photography with my love of jewelry making. How I didn't come up with this sooner is beyond me! Sometimes the most obvious things are the things I never see.

A little bubble pendant featuring a photo I took the other day. Lovely cherry blossoms. I suspect I will be making many more of these very soon. These ones are about an inch round - bigger than my previous bubble pendants.

For goodness sake - go and BUY one. Oh and say hi to your mother for me.

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