Sunday, August 1, 2010

August Break - Day 1

I'm taking part in Susannah Conway's August Break challenge which involves simply taking one photo every day and sharing it on my blog.

I've decided to share this one:

There are SO many dragonflies out here and they're very curious little insects. They will fly right up to me and just hover inches from my face and then follow me around wherever I go. So not only do I have an entourage of toddlers, but I can now add dragonflies to my list.

This pretty little dragonfly landed right on my foot while I was taking pictures in the yard today. Talk about the perfect photo opportunity! (Please excuse my feet which are obviously in dire need of a pedicure.)

Here's a closer look at my pet dragonfly.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's picture! ;)


  1. Sweet wing details! Nothing says summer quite like those bugs!

    Happy August Break!