Tuesday, August 10, 2010

August Break - Day 10

I felt blah today. Stuck in the throes of PMS. Lethargic, slightly psychotic and unpleasantly bloated. Not a very good combination you could say. These clouds sort of match my disposition.

My favorite book.

A playful butterfly.

While wandering the forest-like backyard, I stumbled upon several raspberry bushes. I'll have to go back out tomorrow and clear a path so I can pick more. The weeds out there are as tall as I am...which really isn't saying much I guess, but I could definitely lose a kid in there.

I was just getting the kids out of the tub when I noticed how gorgeous the sunset was. It had been raining out and the clouds were all clearing away just as the sun was setting. I got them hurriedly dressed in their pajamas, loaded them up in the car and off we went to take photos.

Living out in the country means getting the best views of the sunrise and sunset. Wide open spaces and fresh air. What's not to love?

Now I get to crawl into my warm cozy bed and fall asleep with the cool night air blowing in. I sleep like a rock out here. :)


  1. Those clouds are breathtaking! :) xx

  2. The fresh raspberries remind me of my childhood. My parents had a couple of bushes and those berries were amazing!