Tuesday, August 24, 2010

August Break - Day 24

My little guy got a shiny new bike yesterday and he looks SO cute on it. He looks even cuter when he rides down into the ditch and then topples over in slow motion onto the grass. I'm pretty sure his large head combined with that enormous helmet has a lot to do with the toppling over ;)

I've been playing with resin recently and its been really fun. I was courageous enough to drill holes through it with an actual power tool today - and no puncture wounds or missing fingers! Here's a sneak peek at a pendant I made with an image embedded in it:

I'm hoping for a nice hot day tomorrow so we can get another day in at the lake. I imagine myself lounging on the beach in a bikini and giant sunglasses with a huge margarita in my hand. Clearly I'm delusional...but that's okay. :)

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  1. This is my favorite. Something about the birds on a wire, distant, like the blue.
    I found you from Kindness matters
    couldn't figure out how to leave a comment on their page.
    No worries, just want you to know, nice work!