Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I Love Frogs

My brother and I have been taking the kids to various playgrounds in the area for a change of scenery. Last night we drove to Nokomis and let the kids run wild. I hopped on the merry-go-round briefly and snapped a couple of pics. My stomach could only handle a couple rounds before I had to jump off though. I must be getting old. ;)

Seamus caught a frog in the grass just as we were leaving. He was so excited! However, it managed to escape in the car on the ride home and was never to be seen again. Maybe he ate it?

Afterwards, we stopped at this cute little confectionery for some treats (chocolate).

The kids and I were out catching frogs this morning in our pajamas. I had a giant latte in one hand and my camera in the other. I relinquished my latte momentarily to hold this chubby little frog. I spent what seems like my entire childhood frog catching. It pleases me that my kids have the same passion. :)

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