Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Quiet Time

Over the last two weeks I've successfully implemented a mandatory quiet time for the kids and myself. My little guy usually naps and the girls will hang out in their room and read or play quietly.

I get to do whatever I want! Sometimes I'll stretch out on the couch for a few minutes and catch a quick nap, other times I'll read or just wander aimlessly on the internet. I don't allow myself to do any work though. It's strictly ME time. Mom's don't get nearly enough of that I can assure you. ;)

I've been busy working on some new glass soldered pendants lately. Here's a sampling:

I'm really excited about these new rings I made. They're not quite ready for sale yet however. I need to do some further product testing. Working with elements of nature can sometimes be unpredictable I've discovered.

Aren't they gorgeous? I could never possibly create something as beautiful as mother nature does.

Life is really all about the little things. If you fail to notice the details, you're just not really living. It's not about money, or big houses and fancy cars. Some people sadly will never really understand that.

Be happy. I am. Well mostly...except for when PMS hits and then I tend to completely lose my shit for a few days...but after that I'm usually totally fine. ;)

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