Monday, August 9, 2010

Today was pretty awesome. It started out with my 5 year old crawling into bed with me and then farting on my leg. Not sure if it was the vibration or the noise that woke me, but needless to say it was a pretty cool alarm clock. ;)

Later the kids and I hopped into my new little car, grabbed some treats at the store and then headed out onto the grid roads.

It was the perfect day for taking pictures. The flax is flowering and it's just gorgeous. Tiny blue flowers as far as you can see.

I love how you can see the clouds reflected in the water here.

There were these strange purple flowers growing out of the water. I have no idea what they are. Anyone know?

I've driven by this old abandoned farmhouse a couple of times now. It seems a little creepy, but I can totally imagine how lovely it would look all fixed up. :)

Later that day, after everybody had little naps (including myself), we were back outside again. Grandma & Grandpa brought over a cool new blow up pool for the kids to play in.

My little guy was the official pool filler and earthworm tamer.

I've been busy playing with resin lately and I have to say it's a lot of fun. It's a little intimidating to work with at first but now I'm completely comfortable with it. I'm hoping to whip up something new for my shop this fall.

Time to put my feet up and enjoy a cold beverage. :) Night!

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