Monday, September 6, 2010

Cat & Mouse

My brother captured a very surprised mouse in the bathroom last night. I'm pretty sure its the same mouse that was hanging out with me a couple weeks ago while I was deeply engrossed in Mad Men. I swear, every time I turn around I bump into some sort of living creature or insect. Frogs, mice, bugs of all kinds. I'm definitely NOT alone in this house. Comforting yet creepy.

We put the mouse and the kitty in the tub to see what would happen. The mouse pretended it was a statue.

The kitty merely sniffed at the mouse.

And that's about as exciting as things got folks. I was kind of hoping the cat would be a mouse catcher but clearly that's not the case here. I'm actually kind of glad the mouse didn't turn into a snack. He was kind of cute you know? My brother let the mouse go in the golf course across the street. I'm sure it probably followed him right back to the house. ;)

Now to sort out the croaking noises coming from my basement. There are definitely frogs down there - and who knows what else!

With all these creepy crawlies around me, I still somehow manage to sleep right through the night. It's very comforting that my bedroom is upstairs and surely nothing would bother to make its way up there. Right?

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