Thursday, September 2, 2010

First Day of Kindergarten

It was Catie's first day of Kindergarten today and her first time riding the school bus. She was excited and understandably a little nervous.

Waiting for the bus.

I always loved riding the bus when I was a little girl. The girls get an hour long adventure to and from school every day. They ride down highways and narrow winding roads, past cows and horses and fields and ponds. No rush hour traffic for these kids. Just lot's of fresh air. :)

I met up with Catie at school and walked her to her classroom filled with nervous looking parents. Some mothers were teary eyed - some were even crying. The fathers all looked pretty bored. I kept my cool, although I did feel pretty emotional leaving her behind in a room filled with strangers. When it was time to go, I gave Catie a squeeze and a kiss on the cheek and told her she'd have so much fun. She looked at me like this:

I had to try not to giggle. I knew she would adjust quickly though. She's pretty tough. She's a middle child - she has to be tough. ;) She ended up having a pretty good day and arrived home tired and hungry. I'm sure she'll sleep like a rock tonight. I know I will!

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