Monday, September 13, 2010


I had a little open house today for my Scentsy business. It wasn't a great turn out, but at least I got a better feel for the whole process of setting up and everything that really goes into having a home party.

My wonderful mother came over to help me out and she brought her well sought after carrot cake and jam thumb cookies with her. I had my dining room table set up with the wax warmer and all of the amazing scents to choose from. I spent the whole afternoon with my nose in those little jars.

Aren't the warmers gorgeous? They have an amazing handcrafted look. I've got one in my kitchen and dining room. I think I need one in my bedroom too...and maybe the bathroom. ;)

Other than preparing for the open house, I spent the previous week adjusting to the whole back to school routine - making sure lunches were packed, forms were signed, homework was done, clothes were ready to wear, writing notes to myself so I didn't forget anything...and on and on. In all the chaos, I've completely stopped exercising and have been eating WAY too much crap. *sigh* I guess it's never too late to start fresh tomorrow right? :S

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