Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Woke up to a gorgeous, foggy morning.

Today was a really lazy day for all of us. It was early dismissal day for Chloe so instead of sending her for a couple hours in the morning, I decided to keep her home for the day. We've all been feeling a little rough for the past week or more anyway, so I think it was a good plan.

The kids played the Wii all morning, had lunch and then had ridiculously long naps.

I watched Oprah, cried and made some cute little fabric magnets. :)

Tomorrow I'm making a trip into the city in search of winter boots for the kids. I also need to stock up on massive amounts of espresso beans and granny panties. Hmm...I wonder if you can you buy Valium at WalMart? Nah, you probably need a prescription for that.

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