Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Go away winter!

The first thing I heard when I woke up this morning (at 5am) was what sounded like ice hitting my window. For a moment I thought I must still be dreaming. I wasn't.

I was really hoping the snow would hold off until after Halloween at least. No such luck though. :(

It wouldn't be so bad if it was just snow, but unfortunately it was accompanied by cold, blustery winds, weather advisories and very cold toes. I guess this means I'll have trade my flip flops in for socks and boots.

I hate socks. They make me claustrophobic and grouchy - in very much the same way a large snoring man in my bed would. This could explain my lack of socks as well as my vacant yet quiet bed. ;)

Time to dig out the boots, scarves, mitts and that dreaded shovel.

I am NOT a fan of winter. I threaten to hibernate every year.

I did actually brave the weather for a few moments this afternoon but only because it involved taking pictures. The wind and my numb fingers drove me back into the house after not too long. Perhaps I should have considered gloves?

You know what's really awesome this year? 2 out of 3 children can now dress themselves in winter attire without my help! It's a bloody miracle! :)

I can now add that to the list that already includes: 'no more poopy diapers to change' and 'ALL kids sleeping through the night'.

Another milestone reached. And I'm still alive...and relatively sane.

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