Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hot Chocolate & Giveaways

I've just finished a frenzy of late night house cleaning fueled by chocolate infused lattes and the wonderful departure of that terrible flu that had me in it's grip for the past week. It's strange how it sometimes takes something really unpleasant to happen in order to make you appreciate how good life is when things are normal.

Normal is good. I love normal.

The kids have been tucked into bed for quite awhile now, exhausted from playing in the snow today. They've discovered the awesomeness of fort building. I remember doing that when I was a little girl. Spending hours tunneling through the snow with my sister and then the mild claustrophobia I felt when I finally got to crawl through it, worried that it might collapse on my head before I made it to the other side. Mom would make us hot chocolate and we'd sip it carefully, our cheeks rosy from the cold and our hair full of static.

I made the kids that very same hot chocolate today. I heated milk in a saucepan on the stove, sprinkled in lot's of cocoa and sugar and then plopped in giant marshmallows to finish it off. Delicious. :)

Ah, nostalgia.

There are a couple of wonderful blogs hosting giveaways for my jewelry right now and I really think you should check them out. Not only for the goodies, but for the bloggers hosting them! :)

First off over at The Adventures of Christopher & Tia you have the chance to win one of my Little Bubble Pendants.

Tia has her hands full raising three kids who are all as cute as a button by the way. I love reading her posts because I can totally relate to her. We're both cool chicks with lot's of freckles and glasses ;)

The contest ends on October 30th, so you'd better hurry!

Also, over at Simplify you can enter to win my Make A Wish pendant shown here:

The contest ends on October 31st.

Andrea contacted me recently and blew me away with all the wonderful things she had to say about my Etsy shop. I then checked out her blog, which is absolutely amazing. It's filled with magical words, images..... it's all about awakening.

I have met so many amazing women in the online community lately. The blogging world is absolutely full of them. Bold, kind, honest and most importantly - REAL women. I only wish I could gather them all together in one room at the same time and just breathe them all in.

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