Monday, October 18, 2010


This sweet little kitty, appropriately named 'Ninja', has made our home all the more cozier with her presence.

She patiently tolerates Seamus carrying her around all over the place, pulling on her tail and sticking his fingers in her ears. You thought I was gonna say 'butt' right? Yeah, well I'm sure he's poked her there too.

At night she usually sleeps in bed with Catie or Chloe. Its always a fight as to who gets to cuddle with her. She's not allowed in my bed though. For one thing, she still likes to pounce on faces when you least expect it. And I'm still quite enjoying having the bed to myself. ;)

She's found the perfect napping spot all the way upstairs under Catie's bed. She has to practically hide in order to get in any alone time. I totally know how she feels. I wish I was small enough to nap under beds or in the dryer.

I caught her stretched out and napping on the couch today. Somehow she managed to go unnoticed by Seamus for quite some time. She has Yoshi's Island to thank for that. Seamus was too busy trying to make it to Bowser's castle to have time to torment her.

The life of a cat is enviable. Napping and eating all day. I could totally handle that :)