Saturday, October 23, 2010

Still alive...barely.

It's been a solid week of me dealing with sick kids and all the general unpleasantness that goes along with it. I'll spare you all the gruesome details - and there are many!

The kids are 99% better but I'm on day 4 of this weird virus and all I've been able to stomach is Gingerale and the occasional bite of food. I will refer to this as my annual 'flu diet'. Frankly, I miss eating. I miss my morning latte and the little pieces of chocolate I have stashed away that I sneak if I need to.

I'm hoping next week that things will be back to normal and by then I'll really appreciate all the little things I haven't been able to enjoy . Gotta look at things on the bright side right?

Anyway, enough about all that. Moving along...

Here are some new pendants I made before the 'plague' hit. I use resin as the coating on all of my pieces now. It has a more professional look than the 3D Crystal Lacquer I was previously using. It's a little more finicky and I find I have to babysit it to make sure no huge bubbles end up forming, but the end result is much more pleasing.

Okay, I'm totally going to bed now. :)

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