Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Every Day is Like Monday

Today feels like a Monday. Most mornings do! Despite taking great measures to be completely organized the previous night, there's always much chaos in the morning. Missing library books, no socks to be found anywhere, mismatched gloves...the list goes on. Now I know how my mother felt most school day mornings - only she had FOUR kids to try and keep organized. 

The sigh of relief I breathe after watching the girls get safely onto the school bus can be heard for blocks I'm sure. I can now turn my attention to my rapidly cooling coffee, my mile long 'to-do' list and the 3 year old hanging from my leg.  

It's been a lovely past couple of days. The weather has been snowy, but quite balmy. The snow was wet and sticky yesterday - perfect for constructing snowmen. There are little trails all over the lawn exposing the grass and ending with giant balls of snow too heavy to lift.  Uncle Dan helped the girls create this handsome fellow.
He looks quite astute. All he needs is a wool scarf and a fancy hat.

In other news, I've got an exhibition going on at Papernstitch right now. You should check out some of the other amazing exhibitors if you're looking for some unique Christmas gift ideas. You'll find photography, jewelry, clothing, home decor, prints, paper goods...a little bit of everything really.

I've been adding some new items to my Etsy shop as well - although not nearly as many as I'd like. This is where a clone would come in handy...or a maid. If I could focus entirely on creating without having to worry about the house blowing up around me, I would be much more productive. :) 

Right now I choose to ignore a lot of the little messes that seem to sprout up everywhere. It would be a full time job to keep it under control. I've realized that its much more important to pursue my happiness rather than that always elusive perfectly clean house.

Today will be a busy one. I've got Etsy orders to pack & ship, errands to run, kids to pick up from Brownies and parent teacher interviews to attend. Whew!  :)


  1. Despite all the chaos you sound like you're really having fun, and that is the most important thing:)