Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Treating!

The kids went trick or treating with their aunt and uncles last night and they had an asbolute BLAST. It was the perfect evening for it too! 
I stayed back with my mom and dad and visited and had coffee in the meantime. It was a nice break for me! To be able to sit in one spot for over an hour without having 3 kids to attend to - unheard of! 

Chloe and Catie looked adorable in their costumes. Catie was so fond of her black lipstick that she asked me if she could put some on for school this morning. I had to say no unfortunately. It was class picture day and I don't think the teacher would have appreciated it. ;) 

Seamus opted not to wear his Ninja costume but he still went out to collect candy. I dressed him in his funky trapper hat instead and my mom pointed out that he looked kind of a like a Canadian mailman in winter! :) 

Seamus found a cozy spot on Grandma's couch and crashed hard after an hour of serious trick or treating. 

The girls continued on for another 2 hours. The amount of candy they ended up with was amazing! They'll surely have candy for months! Or days maybe. ;)

Now to start thinking about Christmas! 

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