Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas was a wonderful and HAPPY success this year. The kids were spoiled and Grandma's turkey dinner was as amazing as it always is. 
I'm currently suffering from turkey overdose & sleep deprivation so I'll just post some pictures for now rather than try to write anything intelligible. :)

Christmas Eve morning.  So gorgeous.

Oreo chocolate truffles that seem to be in really high demand around here.

Chloe inspecting the Bratz doll she got.

Seamus got a Woody doll from Santa. He LOVES it. Pull a string on his back and he exclaims 'Hey howdy hey!' among other funny things. I was hoping he would say the infamous 'There's a snake in my boot!' and 'Somebody poisoned the waterhole!'  No such luck though.. :)

The girls got these furry little animals that make cute noises and zip around all over the floor.  The cat isn't really sure what to think about them. I woke up from a cozy nap on the couch with them perched all over me today.

Catie's expression is priceless in this picture.  :)
I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of my sister and her boyfriend tomorrow. There will be more present opening, munching, wine sipping and ridiculous amounts of laughter I'm sure.

♥ Happy Holidays! ♥

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