Saturday, December 11, 2010

Stop! I wanna get off....

The past week has been a smidge unpleasant. You know how there are sometimes days where things are humming along nicely and everything seems absolutely perfect? Well, this past week was NOT one of those times. Everything was wrong. Just off somehow. I'm pretty sure the trigger was a hormonal rampage caused by pms. You can run, but you cannot hide from it.   

So therein began the irrational thinking, the stressing over small details, a general feeling of discontent and the underlying desire to scream at random times throughout the day. I'm always able to immediately recognize when pms hits and I know when I'm being a little crazy...but still, I cannot stop it. I find the best thing to do is eat chocolate in large quantities, immerse myself in something crafty or throw knives. One of those things usually works ;) And it always passes in a day or two.

The icing on the cake began late Thursday night as my brother and I were sitting down to feast on nachos and watch 30 Rock. Seamus woke up to use the washroom and I realized that his cold was not improving, but getting worse. He had croup and it was obvious he was having trouble breathing properly. I'd been keeping a close eye on him all day but my mother's instinct kicked in and I decided it was time to call 911 at about 10pm that night.

Everything happened so quickly and the next thing I knew I was riding in the back of an ambulance with Seamus on the way to the hospital. He was totally awesome with everything thank goodness. He won over the EMT's with his ridiculous cuteness. :)

We spent about 5 (long) hours in the ER where they put him on a nebulizer to clear his airways and gave him a chest x-ray. He was so tired and just wanted to go home. Poor little guy.

Hanging out in the ER.
Eventually we were moved to a cozy little private room on the Pediatrics ward and I curled up with him hoping to get some rest. He kept waking up disoriented every 20 minutes or so. I don't think either of us got any real sleep though. 

The view from our room at dawn.

Seamus sporting awesome bed head in the morning.

Throughout the next day, the nurses came to check his vitals and they gave him 2 more nebulizer treatments. Everything took a really long time. So I took pictures and Seamus played with the mountain of toys the nurses brought him.

Doing some puzzles after a nice, warm bath. No more bed head!

Watching a bit of television. 
Lunch was....interesting. Seamus ate some of the chicken noodle soup they brought him, but he completely turned his nose up at the Kraft Dinner. Do you blame him?

Yay for hospital food!

After several more hours, a couple more nebulizer treatments and a little nap, we were finally discharged at about 7pm. By that time I had a wicked headache and I was completely exhausted after not sleeping for 2 days. Seamus was pretty wiped out too. He snoozed all the way home.

It's been a rough day today. My internal clock is all out of whack from everything and my cold is still hanging on. I'm pretty sure my nerves are completely shot - although I feel quite calm. As all mothers have learned to do, I've tucked all the stress into some deep crevice in my brain hoping it will remain there undisturbed. One day it will all explode and what a terrible mess that will be.

Seamus is not doing well taking his medication. I have to administer it with a nebulizer and he just hates it for some reason. I've had to get my brother to hold him securely so I can get him to take it.  Only a few more days of that to endure thankfully.

Now I can turn my attention to filling Etsy orders and trying to figure out when the hell I'm going to have time to do anything Christmas related...

My new Polaroid pendants.

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