Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tree Decorating

The tree finally went up tonight and I let the kids decorate it while I stood back, smiled and documented the chaos. Catie ran excitedly upstairs to put on a fancy dress just for the occasion.

Can you spot the cat?
The cat even got in on the action. He climbed right up into the middle of the tree and hung out there for awhile, chewing on the fake branches and batting at the ornaments. The girls seemed to think I should get him out of there immediately, but I figured what harm could possibly come from letting him stay? Besides, I wanted to get some cute photos.  :)

Yo. Sup?

Seamus carefully putting all the decorations in one spot.

The cat assisting Chloe with the proper placement of an icicle.

We blared Brenda Lee's 'Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree' and I pretended I could sing. I made the kids Oreo milkshakes and let them bounce off the walls for awhile before tucking them into bed.

The nasty cold we all had is still lingering a bit but thankfully it's mostly done. There's still a lot of coughing going on and Seamus has completely lost his voice - but I'm not complaining. It's so cute when he tries to whine or cry and absolutely no sound comes out.  I smile smugly and wait to see what his next move will be. I'm so mean. ;)

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