Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I'm kind of a wreck these days. I can't seem to concentrate on anything and I think it's one of those times where I maybe just need to not do anything for awhile. This month has been a bit of a challenge and I'm just really tired...burnt out. It seems like there's been some sort of dramatic event every day.

 I had my first schoolbus run last week. Stressful would really be the only way to describe it. I drove 45 minutes to pick up my first kid and then I promptly got the bus stuck. I got out eventually...20 minutes later. The next day I went to move the bus and it wouldn't even start.  I'd had quite enough by that point. :) Thankfully I was only subbing for another driver and I didn't have to repeat that route. Not sure if the bus driving thing is for me right now...maybe in the future? And definitely not in the winter....

I decided to close down my Etsy shop temporarily. I don't even want to/can't deal with it right now. It feels like more of a burden than anything. When something is no longer enjoyable anymore - get rid of it. I'm on vacation....:)

I've been spending my days in pajamas, hair up in a ponytail and doing only the things I love. Painting pictures and reading with the kids, napping on the couch while Spongebob provides the entertainment (that show is fucking hilarious!), baking cookies, listening to music, drinking way too much coffee, crying and/or swearing and laughing randomly because I damn well feel like it.  :)

Who knows how long this 'vacation' will last. Could be a couple days...could be a couple weeks.

I kind of feel like this:

Well...not really....only in a humourous way. Because life is fucking hilarious is it not? :)

You can either laugh about shit or you can stick your head in the oven - and frankly my oven is WAY too dirty for me to even consider sticking my head in there.


  1. Hi Lori.

    My sister just gave her wedding party gifts from your etsy shop! I was so excited to get my ring. Im glad she got in before your time out. Hope the new focus brings back your mojo.Spring is just around the corner :)


  2. I think about closing down my shop sometimes, and have... at times. In the summer, I take pride in being on 'vacation' when we go camping, to the beach, or anyplace for more than just a day... It's good you have that freedom, that flexibility...

    it's what living this way is all about, isn't it?

    happy new year miss. ♥