Wednesday, January 19, 2011


“Life will give you whatever experiences are most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness.” 
Eckhart Tolle

Yeah, no fucking kidding! (I swear a lot in this post by the way).

Have you ever felt so utterly fucking horrible that you thought you might possibly die? A giant gaping hole in your stomach..the wind whistling coldly through it....your guts spilling out all over the floor? Yeah, that kind of pain. It could be from a loss or a failure of some sort...a relationship ending, heartbreak...the list goes on.

I recommend that you just sit with that feeling for as long as possible. Bathe yourself in it, roll around on the floor in it....FEEL the pain. (A little chocolate always helps too ;)

And then ask yourself  'What am I supposed to learn from this experience?' There's always an important lesson hidden in there somewhere and you need to figure out what it is.

And guess what? If you don't learn anything from that experience, its going to happen to you again in some form or another until you DO finally get it. (Trust me on this one.)

I would describe these experiences as a giant kick in the ass from the Universe. A wake up call perhaps?

"Failure is authentic, and because it's authentic, it's real and genuine, and because of that, it's a pure state of being."
Doug Coupland

Things don't always turn out the way you'd hoped or expected, but what can you do? You've just got to take life as it comes at you and make the best of it.  Press on. Be persistent. Have compassion towards yourself.
And don't forget to:
"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle."

Things will get better. They always do. :) 

Now please excuse me while I go and have a small nervous breakdown.

The new Decemberists CD arrived in the mail yesterday. It's 40 minutes of pure awesome. :)

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