Friday, January 28, 2011

Flashback Friday

Oh good! I made it to Friday with my sanity intact. I totally knew I would ;) 

I'm loving this self-imposed vacation so far. Taking time to savour each day with the kids and being completely present for them. No distractions or deadlines, nowhere to go and nowhere I have to be. I've been doing some reading - actual books, puttering around the house and enjoying doing all of the small things that used to drive me nuts.

 I have these three amazing little people around me all the time, demanding hugs and kisses and all fighting to sit beside me. It works out nicely with one little boy on my lap and a little girl on each side of me....all talking excitedly at the same time. Even the cat gets in on the action. :)

We played outside lots this week thanks to the warmer weather and we ventured over to Grandma & Grandpa's house a couple of times for coffee and carrot cake. ( mom makes the best carrot cake in the world. To die for really.)

There's talk of a girls night out this weekend which will hopefully include some much needed Starbucks and definitely lot's of laughing. Hopefully no snarting.

Okay...on with the Flashback!

There's that bowl cut again  - which looks lovely with my red lipstick I should add ;) 

Okay...not sure what's going on in this picture exactly.  I was probably just taking a nap...;)

My sister and I with our matching snowsuits. My mom dressed us alike all the time - people usually thought we were twins. :) There was always hot chocolate waiting for us after we played outside in the snow.
♥ Happy Friday everybody! ♥

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  1. These made me smile! The swing picture is quite amusing!!!! ~Val