Friday, January 21, 2011

Flashback Friday

My dad has been busily scanning hundreds of old slides & photos into digital files. He sent me a sampling tonight and I thought it would be cool to share a few of them.

It's so strange seeing these pictures! Memories long buried quickly resurface when I look at them. I had a pretty awesome childhood. My parents rocked - they still do. :)

Playing with a frog of course! I spent my youth catching frogs.
 And oh my God I have the same haircut there as I do now! :)

My sister and I. (1979?)

I'm probably holding a frog or a bug of some sort there...patiently waiting for my dad to finish taking pictures so I can go catch more!

Cruising through Wascana park & rockin' the training wheels - wearing our matching red velour jackets.  ;)

My sister and I playing with kittens. How bloody cute were WE?!

Lovin' this outfit! I bet my mom sewed this for me.
Wonder if she'd make me one of those that I could wear around the house?

Watermelon! Ooh and I want a dress just like that too!

Pure awesome. This makes me SO glad that I've taken a bazillion pictures of my kids too. Without photographs, I would totally forget what happened last week, let alone last year.  

♥ Have an awesome weekend. ♥

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