Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Seamus!

My sweet little boy turned 4 today. We're throwing him a party tomorrow complete with a chocolate cake that I actually baked from scratch! It's staring at me right now from across the kitchen. The icing is shimmering in the light, taunting me to just have a little taste. I turn my back on it, trying to think of anything else but that chocolate..

Sorry, got a little carried away there...ahem.

I thought I'd share some pictures of Seamus from when he was just a wee little guy. Now I must warn you, there's some pretty ridiculous cuteness ahead.

Miss Chloe holding Seamus. He's only a few days old here. Such a handsome fella. :)

Seamus playing with his toes. Check out his crazy 'fro/mohawk.
Mesmerized by the camera. (I was impressed that he could hold his giant head up like that!) And those chubby baby cheeks. Oh my. :)

Here he is today. Still cute as a button, still sporting crazy hair and thank goodness those chubby cheeks still remain. :) 
♥Happy Birthday Sweetie. ♥

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