Saturday, January 29, 2011


 It's been a super lazy Saturday. The kids stayed in their pajamas all day & the house looks like a bomb went off - which just means that we all had lot's of fun. A clean house is indicative of a boring day - one where all I must have done was clean and nag kids to clean up their messes.  :)

The cat was being totally rebellious today too.

He's taken to jumping up onto the counter and settling nicely into this tin box I have beside my computer. He offers me advice when I need it and occasionally helps out with pressing keys on my laptop.
It seems everyone likes being up on the kitchen counter. :) 

Seamus helping me make hot chocolate.
 I've been getting a little bit of an itch to do something crafty again...not sure what yet. I have some cool new supplies to work with but I haven't sat down to brainstorm really. I think my brain is broken right now...short circuited maybe. There's a faint buzzing sound, sparks are coming out of my ears and a constant smell of burning rubber. Strange right?

I'm not really sure what to do with myself right now - like AT ALL. My tires are spinning (could be the source of that burning rubber smell) and I'm just wandering around aimlessly like a deer in headlights with the Twilight Zone theme song playing in the background. Total brain fog.

It's fine though. I'm totally regrouping...or something. I just kind of wandered off my original path and I'm hanging out in the forest right now chasing squirrels and stuff - making a NEW path. Always an adventure.

I got my hair cut recently. Loving the bangs. Something different you know? I'm thinking some bright pink streaks maybe? ;)
Also - YOGA!  Best therapy ever. :)  Add that to the nightly Liz Lemon kitchen dance parties and I'll be back to myself in NO time. Blogging helps too. :)

January is almost over and thank goodness for that! Winter has kinda gotten me down - especially when I'm trapped in the house with three whiny children 24/7. I need a secret room in my house I can escape to where they can't find me! Something like a panic room. There'd be padded walls, a bubble bath, fancy coffee drinks, and a constant stream of 30 Rock episodes. Bliss. :)

"Don't be sad. Just eat some freakin' watermelon!' says my one year old self.
This picture made me laugh so hard...and then I cried...and then I laughed AND cried. I wish I could pick that little girl up and squeeze her tight. Everybody needs that you know?   
Only a few more months and the warmer weather will be here. In the meantime, there are lot's of other things to enjoy in THIS moment. No matter what's going on,  I continually remind myself to BE PRESENT and fully absorb each moment. It's when my mind starts wandering to the past or I find myself worrying about the future that I get all neurotic. While it's fun to indulge in being neurotic sometimes, there's really no pay off. So yeah...screw that shit. :)

♥ Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend! ♥


  1. I love her! She's so cute that I might cry now. I need watermelon :)

  2. I vote YES to the bright, pink streaks...
    Hang in there.
    =) K