Friday, February 4, 2011

Flashback Friday

My sister and I playing in the snow. I totally remember that red toque I was wearing. We were very fashionable back then weren't we? ;)
My sister Shari skipping to her heart's content. Love those cute little green shorts.

My turn!

My awesome parents with my sister and I.
I remember my dad setting the self timer on his camera and running to get into postion. I was always worried he wouldn't make it back in time - but he always did. My dad is a superhero.

My sister and I in our matching 'bumblebee' bathing suits that mom sewed for us. We're at our Grandma's house in this shot - I recognize that fence. :)

I love how the sunlight is pouring in on us. I think we're sitting up in my bunkbed in this shot - the same bunkbed I fell out of one night and scared my mother half to death. I wasn't hurt at all but I do remember the loud 'bang!' upon hitting the ground. I don't think I was quite ever the same since ;)

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