Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lori Gets Her Groove Back

So I've decided to take this exercise/eating healthy thing entirely seriously. It's my number one priority right now - because when the mama is happy, everyone's happy. Right? :)

I needed something to help me track my eating and exercise so my friends helpfully pointed me to You can even download an app for your iPhone, badges and tickers for your blog and announce your progress on Twitter and Facebook if you want to bore your friends to death. :)

To begin, you enter in your current weight, how much you'd like to lose per week and the amount of exercise you plan on doing daily. It then provides you with the amount of calories you're allowed each day and tells you when you can expect to reach your goal weight.

Each day I've been entering everything I've eaten and it keeps a tally of my calories, carbs, fat and protein. It's super easy and at the end of the day its nice to see exactly how I did.  I was a little surprised to find out I wasn't eating enough! I have to make sure to sneak in a couple of snacks between meals...maybe a handful of grapes or a smoothie or something. Gotta get my metabolism revved up!

I've committed myself to doing 30 minutes of cardio 5 days a week and I've been given 1200 calories to work with each day. Easy! I weighed myself last week before officially starting and was surprised to see I already weighed 10 pounds less than I thought I was. Sweet!

I'm not really concerned with the actual number of pounds I lose. I'm more concerned with feeling a little more comfortable in my own skin and being as healthy and happy as possible.  :)

The only real difficult part is getting in that 30 minutes of exercise when the kids are around. It's the same dilemma I have when trying to pee without an audience or getting dressed without kids commenting on my boobs.

Usually 10 minutes into a workout, the kids would realize I was 'busy' and suddenly they would be climbing on countertops, helping themselves to the chocolate I thought was well hidden, swinging from chandeliers, claiming they needed their bums wiped, wandering around the house with lighters and a gas can. Okay...I'm exaggerating a little of course....but I've figured out a solution now! I cue up Spongebob, provide them with drinks and snacks and inform them sternly that I'm not to be bothered while I do my exercise. It seems to be working well so far. The cat, on the other hand, thinks its hilarious to attack my ankles while I'm on the elliptical.  He is now put outside to play while I exercise. :)

I've been eating a lot of pitas lately. They're SO yummy, you can fill them with all sorts of delicious things and there's no cooking involved. :) 

I've stuffed this one with smoked turkey breast, cucumbers, baby spinach,  diced tomato, mushrooms and a little bit of mayo for some zip.  SO yummy - and filling! You're looking at about  255 calories and 11grams of fat.
The kids even love them.  :)

I was excited to find out that my glorious morning lattes are super low in fat and calories. I had just assumed since they tasted SO good that they must be bad for me.  Two shots of espresso, half a cup of foamed soy milk and a teaspoon of brown sugar is only 75 calories and 2 grams of fat. I can totally burn that off with 20 minutes of dancing in my kitchen. :)

Speaking of kitchen dancing.. I think its about time to embarrass the kids with some Liz Lemon moves. ;)

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