Thursday, February 3, 2011

Not a Very Exciting Post

Thanks to Buckley's I finally had a really good sleep last night! The kids and I have had a terrible, tickly cough for a few days now and this medicine worked wonders! The kid's version tastes like cherries, while mine tasted a lot like death. It was well worth it though. :) I woke up feeling refreshed...

The weather warmed up considerably today so the little man and I ventured outside for some fresh air.

Come on mom! Grandma's house is this way!
There are deer tracks all over the place around here. It's interesting to be able to see exactly where they wander. I love it when I happen to catch a glimpse of them wandering through the yard early in the morning. They're such majestic animals.

Their tracks look like little trails of broken hearts...

This abandoned house on the way to Grandma's just begs to be explored. The doors are locked though. Don't ask me how I know that. ;)

I'm hungry....and a fresh 30 Rock episode awaits me. Time to break out the pink fuzzy bathrobe, find something to munch on and do this thing people call 'relaxing'.

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