Monday, February 7, 2011

Six Words of Advice

The past few months (well almost the past YEAR) have been full of struggles, enlightenment, tears, joy, laughter, heartbreak, learning, failures, successes....and most importantly - introspection.

Giving myself permission to rest right now has been the best medicine. I was used to keeping myself busy from the moment I awoke until the moment I collapsed into bed. That was not serving me well. In fact it was only preventing me from feeling what I needed to feel.

I can tell you that I'm definitely feeling it ALL now and I'm not quite sure what to do with it. So I guess I'll just keep on doing this: 

Six Words of Advice from Mahasiddha Tilopa
(OR stuff my mother already told me :)  

First short, literal translation:

1. Don’t recall
2. Don’t imagine
3. Don’t think
4. Don’t examine
5. Don’t control
6. Rest

Later long, explanatory translation:

1. Let go of what has passed
2. Let go of what may come
3. Let go of what is happening now
4. Don’t try to figure anything out
5. Don’t try to make anything happen
6. Relax, right now, and rest


“If you stop trying to become whatever it is you are trying to become and instead realize you are what you are, and this is the God-moment — your struggle stops.” Bartholomew

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