Sunday, February 13, 2011

Skating Adventures

I recently took a trip into the big city with my brother and we stopped at this amazing place called Sports Exchange. They sell new and used sports equipment - including ice skates! I was able to find skates for all three kids and myself for next to nothing.  I think I got the last size 7's :)  

My awesome parents, who happen to live down the street from me,  have the perfect sized pond behind their home that is now completely frozen over (obviously) and ready for little skaters. My kids have never skated before so I was pretty excited to see how they would do.

It was the perfect day for it. The sun was just starting to set, the weather was warm and there wasn't any wind. I had my camera and a giant coffee. Everything was perfect.

The kids were all a little wobbly at first and they spent more time on their bums than on their feet, but after a little while they started to get the hang of it.

They were so cute to watch. I spent most of the time giggling and laughing while my brother patiently coached them on how to stand upright.

I put my skates on after the kids had been practicing for about half an hour. It's been YEARS since I've skated. I honestly can't remember the last time I was on the ice. It came back to me pretty quickly though - kind of like riding a bicycle. I was wobbly at first too and there was some arm flailing but soon I was doing shaky laps around that little pond and periodically stopping to take pictures of the kids..and the trees. :)

I'm glad the kids got to learn how to skate out in nature, surrounded by trees with the sunlight pouring through onto the ice. It was really beautiful out there and we all had a blast. I could have stayed out all night skating under the stars. 

Mom had supper cooking and hot chocolate waiting for us when we got back to the house. ♥ 

We have another skating adventure planned for later today. The kids and I can hardly wait. :)

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  1. Loved the pictures, and that's so sweet that your parents have a pond you can return to each winter, yay! ♥ I have to admit, I never got past roller skates... I'm just not coordinated like that. *sigh*