Sunday, March 20, 2011


So we've had yet another weird flu bug hit us - not quite 2 weeks after the previous flu hit. The kids all have terrible coughs, sore tummies, bloodshot eyes, fevers and are VERY whiny. Nobody is throwing up though which I think is the one thing that would probably put me over the edge. We're going on day 7 now and I'm guessing it will continue on into this upcoming week.

We've spent entire days being cozy on the couch, watching movies and endless episodes of iCarly and Spongebob. The only good thing about this flu is that it keeps the kids all in one spot for the entire day. :)  Unfortunately they haven't been sleeping very well through the night so I'm kind of having flashbacks as to what it was like having a newborn baby in the house. Scary.

I'm keeping calm, administering medicine to keep their fevers down, giving them warm baths with lavender oil and have provided them their very own box of kleenex for their endlessly runny noses. Fortunately they have zero appetites so I haven't had to really cook for anyone except myself.
I have remained healthy thus far and thank goodness for that! I'm chugging green tea like nobody's business, eating healthy and exercising. Perhaps that's what has saved me so far. It could still hit me at anytime of course...but I remain optimistic that it won't. :) *knocks on wood*

I've been easing myself slowly into a raw food diet.
 Sweet potato fries, cucumbers and hummus. You can never have TOO much hummus. :)
Bedtime is quickly approaching for these coughing kids. I believe I will probably simply collapse on the couch after I tuck them in and enjoy the silence while sipping tea and smiling.

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  1. Aw, I hope they feel better soon! I have the flu as well... not fun!

    Btw, I love your shop!!!