Monday, March 14, 2011


I had the most amazing workout this morning thanks to this kickass Playlist. That 30 minutes just flew by! I think it was because I was so busy crooning to Billy Ocean's 'Caribbean Queen' and pretending I was Pat Benetar in the 'Love is a Battlefield' video. This is the playlist my sister and I put together when she was visiting at Christmas. I believe there may have been a bit of wine drinking involved as well as some quite embarrassing kitchen dancing. :)  (There are thankfully no photos as evidence.)

When it comes to working out, you really gotta keep it spicy. Maybe tomorrow I'll put on a bathing suit, pantyhose and some legwarmers as an homage to the 80's fitness era. Oh...but I'll definitely need bigger hair though. :)

The weather has been SO gorgeous the past few days. Yesterday's skating adventure was super fun and the kids had such a blast. Their skating is improving greatly. There were even a few twirls and other fancy moves in addition to the wipeouts.

Miss Chloe - prior to crashing into me. :)
Chloe and Catie doing what appears to be some strange combination of yoga/meditation and ice skating.  Maybe they're onto something....

Time to hit the post office and the grocery store. Hope everybody is having a fabulous Monday. 

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