Friday, March 11, 2011

Unfinished posts...

It's been kind of a whirlwind past couple of weeks around here. Dentist appointments, ski trips, car rides, crafting and visiting.  I've started writing many blogposts but just never got around to finishing any of them.
So here's the post where I was writing about all of the new stuff I've been busily creating late at night. Once the kids are in bed, I brew some (lot's of) espresso, crank up the music and suddenly 3 hours have gone by before I know it! I have a craft show coming up in April that I'm building up stock for. I'm hoping to do a few big shows in the summer too.

And this is the post where I was writing about a little car ride the kids and I took the other day. I've got new wheels again and have been tearing up the grid roads around here snapping some pictures here and there. I've discovered there's mostly just a lot of whiteness out there. :)

A pretty tree in an old abandoned farm yard.

Pretty cattails along the side of the road - a pleasant reminder that summer is right around the corner.
I stepped off the grid road and immediately sunk up to my knees while taking pictures of the aforementioned cattails. I wasn't sure if I would be able to get out - but I gracelessly crawled back onto the road.  :) I'm thinking I might have to invest in some thigh high rubber boots for my summer photography excursions. I will leave no pond unexplored. :)

This is the post about my adventures in bus driving...
This is the bus I drove yesterday while filling in for a fellow driver. It was a cute little short bus - just the perfect size for me. :)  Fun size!

The map for the route I had to drive.

The nice farmer guy who pulled me out when I got my short bus stuck in his driveway. :)  So far every run I've done has had a bit of adventure sprinkled on it. Keeps me on my toes.

I've never seen this many deer hanging out at the same time. Usually the only deer I see are the ones darting infront of my car on the highway or wandering through my yard. :) 

It's blowing pretty hard out there today and the kids and I are staying in and being cozy. I think we'll probably bake some chocolate chip cookies this afternoon and maybe watch a movie.

Have a great weekend! ♥

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